Business Plan Consulting and Review


Would you answer yes to any of the following questions?

  • Is this your first business?
  • Have you already written your own business plan?
  • Are you just looking for an objective, informed, outside opinion?
  • Have you worked with another consultant who did not help you create the best business plan possible?
  • Do you have a tight budget for business plan writing, but you know it’s a very important phase of the business process?
  • Have bankers or investors given you puzzled looks and declined to give you capital after reading your business plan?

If any of those situations apply to you, then Optimus Business Plans’ consulting service is the right solution.

How does a Business Plan Review differ from Business Plan Development?

Our business plan consulting services are a great option for business owners who just need validation or tweaking of an existing plan, rather than our full business plan development and writing service.  This service is one-time, costs less, and after receiving your document we will analyze all aspects of your plan.

By elaborating a little further in some areas or showing investors how you are solving a problem, you can significantly increase your chances of receiving startup or expansion funding.  In addition, we’ll check for any other changes that may be needed or certain important sections you may have missed altogether.

We will deliver a formal analysis of your document, complete with our recommendations, edits, and conduct a follow-up with you as necessary to make sure everything is clear.

What if you tell me I need a whole new plan?

We hope that your plan is in good shape and just needs some polishing, but every once in a while we will advise clients to start over. We have one goal, just like you – getting you the funding you need to get your business off the ground. Creating a professional business plan that proves your value to investors will significantly improve your chances of getting that funding.

If you are unsure whether your existing plan is adequate or if you would like Optimus to write a new business plan for you, we can do a quick assessment of your existing plan for no charge. It won’t be a full assessment, just a fast review to see if your current plan is something we can work with or if it should be scrapped, in our opinion.

We also have the network to help you get a meeting with the right kind of investor for your business.

We can help businesses of all sizes across every industry

When bankers, investors,  or even friends and family finish reading your business plan, they should have a crystal-clear idea about exactly how your business will successfully compete in the marketplace.  We’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, ranging from micro-businesses with less than $300,000 in annual revenue to large corporations with hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenues – and we can help you too. You can see examples of some of the businesses we’ve worked with, along with case studies on our business plan examples page.