Financial Projections

Too many entrepreneurs struggle with the financial projections portion of their business plans. While completing a comprehensive 5 year projection and financial model for your business is included in every business plan we develop, we can also complete this as a separate service.

Many of our competitors provide only 3 years of financial projections. In some cases, this is adequate. In many cases, it’s not. Our standard is 5 years of projections, as we’ve found this helps to better illustrate your potential success and why a lender or investor should be interested in your concept. Click here to learn a little bit more about our process.

All financial projections include:
– 5 Year Proforma Income Statements
– 5 Year Cash Flow Statements
– 5 Year Balance Sheet
– Sources and Applications of Funding
– Breakeven Analysis
– Best and Worst Case Scenarios
– Capital Equipment List
– Graphics for key financial drivers
– An easy-to-use Financial Tool customized with over 75 different financial statements

Call us today to learn about how our financial projections help you get the results you are looking for.