Cozy Wine Bar

Oh my gosh!!  I am so happy with your work.  This is great.  Thank you so much!!

– April Shockey

Camp Run-A-Mutt:  Los Angeles

I have had a chance to go over the business plan. I firstly want to that Optimus Business Plans did a fantastic job on the business plan.

– Sidney Long

School Gear Incorporated

Very positive experience.

– Mike Murphy

Fox Transportation Solutions

I would like to take a minute to thank Brian Gilmore and team of Optimus Business Plans for an awesome job they did on my Business plan.  I’m a small business owner that’s only been in business less than a year. Even though I’m an accountant and have been for over 20 years, I could not have delivered a complete business plan in the format and professionalism that Brian and his team did.  When trying to grow your business or looking to purchase an existing business, one of the most important factors for banks to loan you money is based on how well your business plan is written.  Brian and I walked through everything I needed to have done, then provided me with a list of things I needed to have after which the team took the information and created an awesome final product.  The process was painless and not a waste of time. You must be willing to put in the time that’s needed to provide them with the foundation of your business.  Once again I say thank you to Brian and his team for a job well done!!!

– Anita Fox

Nutty Buddies


The business plan is phenomenal! I wanted to thank you for discussing what I was looking for in depth with me and bringing it to life. It’s clear that the plan was original as opposed to some template plug in. Also, the six months of editing provides an ease of mind for me. I will definitely be referring anyone interested in a business plan your way. 

– Richard Lackey

Fenton Flowers and Gifts

The business plan looks GREAT!  Definitely something I could not have done on my own.

– Larisa Sloan

LDMA, Inc.

Just received an email from the banker.  He said, “WOW!  Very impressive.”  Just thought you would like to know…

– Layne Cook


You always have this way of making me feel better. I appreciate your professionalism.

– Pete Laikos


I’m so happy I could cry. In fact I might!! This looks amazing…

– Misty Burch

Caffe Vivace

The service was exactly what we needed. I certainly will recommend Optimus to anyone who needs help with a business plan.

– Brent Gallaher

Planetary Elixirs

Marlene & I appreciate your service.  The business plan you created was an essential starting point for this process.  It reads well and conveys the pertinent information without bogging down. We & our counselor feel it was money well spent.

– Scott Meyer

CrossFit Gold Badge

It was great. Absolutely no complaints. You provided exactly what I asked for. If need be, I would definitely pay for your services again. Also, I always refer you to my friends. 

– Jason Connor


I am just thrilled with the plan!! You guys did an amazing job and I am so confident in having this plan as a guide for me in this new venture.  I will keep in touch with questions and when we get this funding thing sealed up.  Thank you again for your hard work, it shows in the product you produce.  

– Tianna Seo

Dorsey Trucking Co., LLC

I can’t express to you how happy and satisfied I am with the work you and your team has done!!! This is fantastic and one of the best business decisions I have made thus far in Dorsey Trucking Company’s infancy!!! The information is precise and informative down to the penny, the research is impeccable and from my standpoint I can’t see any reason why this project will not be funded… KUDOS TO YOU AND THE ENTIRE OPTIMUS TEAM!!!!

This is perfect! I wish I had an extra set of hands to give it four thumbs up!!!

– Howard Dorsey

The Grape Juicery

Thank you SO much for all of your help! I have finally received the fantastic news today! Moreover, the underwriter profusely complimented our business plan!

You have been amazing and very patient. I hope you can visit the store once it’s open!

I am beyond thrilled with the news. Let the work begin!

– Marina Snetkova

Therapyland, LLC

I wanted to let you know we did get the financing to purchase our building and everything else we needed.  Great job!

– Thane Brooks

Dog House Grill

Optimus completely exceeded what I was expecting to receive. I appreciate the dedication and hard work.

– Glenn Gaidousek

VOM Construction

Optimus was great and worked diligently and professionally to provide me with an excellent business plan. I recommend Optimus for anyone’s business plan needs.

– Virgil Martin

The Tribe of Judah Trucking Company

Happy with their service. Plan on using them again in the near future for another business plan.

– Christina Tassell


Patient and clarified whatever concerns I had.

– Anonymous

Lark & Laurel

You continue to exceed my expectations.  Thank you thank you thank you!!!

-Danna Matter

Danestar Records DSR Rock-n-radio, LLC

If you are thinking about starting a business or if you have already developed your ideas and concepts, then the only next rational step would be to purchase the skills of the team at Optimus Business Plans. They will talk to you find out all the details of your company. Their advice and research will make you stronger by helping you to think of all of the things that you will need to be successful.

Optimus takes you step by step through each part of the building, dreaming, building and manifesting process. Nothing is left out or forgotten. Have you considered the industry, your clients, your competition, and all of the numerous details that you will need to ponder? Don’t take any chances, do yourself a favor and plan.

Optimus Business Plans is your guide that is economical and comprehensive (clear details that cover every facet of your future organization). Paying someone to sit down with you, start with this plan first to strategize and organize your ideas while becoming more concrete about where you are and where you plan to go, what your strengths are, and where your challenges lie. In this vein, you will be much more equipped to go forth and begin to fill any gaps that you may not have considered or even thought about before.

Ready to start a business? Use your due diligence, get prepared and start to systemize your conceptual ideas about your new company. Optimus Business Plans will get you ready to soar! There is not another company on the market that can touch it at this price point and for all of the value and quality that you are going to receive to help get your business funded by investors backers and more.

– Taylor GM Durling

Cutting Edge Pediatric Therapy

I recently had the pleasure of working with Optimus Business Plans to provide a business plan for our Occupational Therapy Business. They provided us with an excellent service which is tailored to the needs of our organization. They have succeeded in a plan which is specific and relevant to the particular needs of our new company. Their experience showed in the plan that was delivered and the follow up was excellent on any questions and modifications that we requested. If we execute to their plan we will surely succeed!

– Joseph Lundgren

Karen’s Coconut Kefir

I have finished reviewing the business plan and its great. You accurately reflected everything that we talked about in the Q&A and treated myself and my project with professionalism. I really appreciated your impeccable communication! I will be recommending your company to anyone who needs assistance with business plans in the future. Thank you for helping Karen’s Coconut Kefir on the journey to success!

– Karen Owens

Crafticup, Inc.

I can’t begin to thank you for going above and beyond to get the job done. It is not lost on me that it is many hours over the close of any normal business on a Friday, nonetheless. Thank you for your dedication and professionalism.

– Kirian Obioha

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