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3 Tips and Tricks for Mobile App Startups


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These days, there is a mobile application for just about everything. Whether it’s browsing through the latest book reviews or requesting a ride to the airport, convenience is at your fingertips. When it comes to creating the next big mobile app, here are a few key tips and tricks:

·         Development and Design – The look and feel of the app, especially related to usability, can make or break an app. Although the majority of Americans own a smart phone, the key is to ensure that even novice users are able to use the app with ease.

·         Beta Testing – Prior to launching the app, it is imperative to work out any issues. This will help to mitigate any problems with a larger user base as you grow. Developers will usually do multiple beta tests; however, if you are building the app yourself, there are many online resources to do app testing.

·         Consider Cross-Platform Use – Think of your favorite app. It is likely that you use in daily and on your phone and computer.  While both iOS and Google Play Store platforms are the most common, consider expanding to tablet and web-based platforms as well so that users can get the most out of the app.

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