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3 Tips and Tricks for Retail Stores

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When opening a retail operation, it is imperative to understand not only your customer, but what drives them to make a purchase. Equally as important is knowing how to approach and sell to your ideal customer. Below are a few tips and tricks related to the retail industry.

  • Subtly Mimic Body Language – If a customer appears to be in a hurry, mirror their pace and urgency when helping them navigate the store. This will give the customer the impression that you are there to help and not slow them down.  Mirroring posture and hand gesture will also help the customer feel at ease; however, be sure not to mimic exactly to prevent the customer from feeling mocked.
  • Get the Customer Talking – This can be done by simply asking, “Is there anything specific you are shopping for today?” This allows you, the seller, to listen and assess the customer’s needs before providing a response. It is important to engage in small talk but pay attention to cues that indicate that the customer would prefer to shop independently.
  • Pay Attention to the “Rule of Three” – The “Rule of Three” suggests that individuals short term memory only allows individuals to remember three chunks of information at a time – too many choices becomes confusing and potentially frustrating. As it applies to a retail operation, offering customers three primary options – like pants, a skirt, or a dress for a night out – will be more effective than offering varieties of each and asking the customer to pick between numerous options.  

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