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3 Tips and Tricks for Salons


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When opening a salon, it is imperative to understand not only your customer, but also what will get them to return. Equally as important is knowing how to approach and sell to your ideal client. Below are a few tips and tricks related to the salon industry.

  • Listen to Your Client – For many individuals, their hairstyle is representative of their personality, and finding an understanding and trustworthy stylist can be challenging. While it is important to listen to a customer’s wants and needs, your customer also deserves honesty. If a certain style will require multiple trips to the salon to achieve or may not be as flattering as expected, provide alternative suggestions.
  • Build Repeat Customers – A happy client is the most likely to become a repeat client and generate awareness through word-of-mouth advertising. The salon’s atmosphere and amenities, such as coffee, mimosas, and magazines, will help the client feel comfortable and eager to return.
  • Determine Your Business Model – Will you have commission-based stylists? Or will your stylists rent a chair at your location? This will drastically impact your business’s revenue model and overall net income. Another business model includes an education component, where stylists would learn about new trends and techniques in the industry. This could provide the salon with an additional revenue stream.

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