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5 Questions to Determine If You Are a Fake or Real Entrepreneur

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Fake entrepreneurs are out there; we likely see them on a daily basis trying to impress you with something they did, exaggerating their real accomplishments. You may have even done this in the past, or even worse, you may be doing it now.  Ask yourself these questions to determine where you stand.

  1. Are you full of excuses? Let’s face it…excuses don’t fly in the startup world and business doesn’t wait for you to get your act together. Sometimes legitimate life things happen, but most of the time, it’s just an opportunity to make an excuse for why you can’t do something.  Always move forward and do everything possible to keep other events from interrupting your progress.
  2. Does your idea control your thoughts? Real entrepreneurs think about their idea while they eat, shower, work out, and even while they sleep. Seriously.  If your idea doesn’t control your thoughts, it’s probably not going to get anywhere.
  3. Do you know when to ask for help? Fake entrepreneurs are ready to conquer the world on their own. Real entrepreneurs know where they need help and they go get it.
  4. Do you monitor your personal spending habits? Have you ever heard of someone who “can’t afford” to do something while they are out eating steaks and drinking martinis for dinner? If your personal finances are holding you back, you better start saving… or go get a credit card to use for your business startup expenses.
  5. Do you value your time? It’s important to focus your efforts on items that will give you the best results, not busy work. Busy work is for the peons, not the real entrepreneurs. 

So…. Are you a fake or a real entrepreneur?

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