Business Plans for Bank and SBA Loans

Banks and the Small Business Administration have one thing in common when looking at lending: they don’t like risk. The key to getting approved for a standard bank business loan and SBA-backed loans is a quality business plan that alleviates the lender’s concerns and shows that your business has the tools necessary for success.

Here at Optimus, we have created business plans for banks and the SBA for the last eight years. And throughout our history, we have learned exactly how to put a business plan package together that speaks directly to these lenders with the confidence needed to get you approved.

The lenders need to:
– Thoroughly understand every aspect of your concept
– Be shown the right industry and market data to show it will work
– Feel comfortable that you can compete alongside similar businesses
– Understand the unique qualifications of you and your team
– See realistic financial projections complete with an exact strategy on how your funding will be used

Call us today so we can better understand your project and discuss how we can achieve this for you!