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Client Success: Lakeway Pharmacy – Austin, TX


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Acho Ezirim approached Optimus Business Plans in August of 2016 in need of a business plan for a large bank loan to open a new compound pharmacy location just outside of Austin, Texas.  Mr. Ezirim had big ambitions to purchase a former bank building and renovate it to his new pharmacy, which would be one of the only compound pharmacies in the area.

Unfortunately, the building was purchased during the bank loan process, which put the business back in the initial stages.  We worked with Mr. Ezirim to revise the business plan (at no cost) for a new location about a mile away and the company would now be renting an existing space.  We knew this would be somewhat problematic for the bank, as now the project had no real estate attached.

Regardless, we were able to put together an updated business plan for Acho that wowed the loan officers and got approved.  The company is currently moving in to the space and should be open this summer.

It was a bit of a bumpy road due to the location change, but Mr. Ezirim is excited to be on his journey of business ownership and is ready to work to go to work for himself!  We wish him nothing but the best!

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