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Client Success: Palomo Farms – Elizabethtown, NC

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Cesar Alvarado reached out to Optimus Business Plans with a need for a business plan that could be used for multiple purposes.  Like many of our clients, the company needs a business plan to raise capital.  Additionally, they needed a business plan that could be used for the Drug Enforcement Administration and could attract several university partnerships in North Carolina.

We received word this week that after several meetings with the DEA and a thorough review of the business plan we completed, Palomo Farms LLC received approval from the DEA for their industrial hemp seed operations.  Not only can the company provide hemp seeds within North Carolina, the company can also provide to customers in 37 states.

The company is now beginning the process of negotiating university research partnerships in North Carolina, and will be utilizing the same business plan for this purpose.

We would like to congratulate Mr. Alvarado and Palomo Farms LLC on their success so far and look forward to working with them on a similar project very soon!

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