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Client Success: Pintapaint LLC – Irving, TX

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Maria Arenas approached Optimus Business Plans with a concept to improve on the ever-growing “paint-and-sip” concept. Paint and sip business are generally just what they sound like – friends get together to drink some wine and paint a little artwork at a venue that supplies the canvases and painting supplies.

Maria had identified a number of issues with existing facilities, yet even with these glaring problems, the industry was exploding. She knew she needed help and guidance on the startup and early stages of her company.

“Optimus helped us in the process by writing a business plan for a smother startup period. To start a business, it is essential to have the right business plan,” Maria said. “Because the business plan is the blueprint for any business, it was very important to find the right company to develop it. That’s why I decided to have the business plan completed through Optimus Business Plans.”

We quickly realized the main differences between Pintapaint and other paint-and-sip concepts during our Kickoff Session with Maria. Her ideas on how to improve the customer experience were carefully thought out and needed the right professional assistance to explain in a way that impressed others.

After securing funding, the company opened in late 2012 and is strong and profitable today, even with the entrance of new competitors in the market.

Maria said, “We have been improving step by step on all of the objectives described in the business plan. As any other business, Pinatapaint has been changing and growing and the business plan has been very useful to ensure that we are going in the right direction to have a successful business.”

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