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Client Success: The Grape Juicery – New York, NY

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It’s official.  The Grape Juicery on E 84th Street in New York City is now open for business.  The company celebrated with a Grand Opening party with a line out the door.

While a city this size had all kinds of options, there was just something missing.  There really wasn’t a store in the 84th Street area that was a wine store for wine lovers by wine lovers.  So, the idea was born.

Marina Snetkova approached Optimus with the concept and in need of how to approach the right funding groups.  Optimus put together a business plan for Marina to fit her vision.  Getting the loan with her business plan from Optimus Business Plans was the easy part.  Getting the proper licensing from the State of New York and getting ready for the Grand Opening?  That was a little more stressful.

We are very happy for Ms. Snetkova and wish her nothing but success at The Grape Juicery.

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