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Client Success: The Institute for Arts & Athletics – Norfolk, VA

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LaKeisha Jones approached Optimus Business Plans in need of a business plan to get a small bank loan and to convince the owner of her perfect location to approve her rental application.

LaKeisha said, “We decided to have a business plan created professionally to provide structure to our business in the beginning stages. When we originally began this venture in business ownership, we had struggles with finding a location. Each place we called and met with the leasing agent, they asked to review a business plan. This became the common question even when we went in to banks to ask about opening business bank accounts, a line of credit, and a small business loan.” 

The Institute for Arts & Athletics was able to raise startup funds through a small business loan. Although still a young company, the ownership’s vision is quickly being realized. 

“Our vision is to make our community healthy through low cost fun and innovative programs that engage both the mind and body,” LaKeisha said. “We are very excited to be on this adventure, wherever the journey may lead.”

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