Start Off With a Solid Day Care Business Plan


Opening up a new day care facility is both challenging and exciting.  Parents will depend on you every day to take care of their children, or if you run an adult day care, children may depend on your loving care of their parents. Either way, before you start helping people, you need a plan.

Getting started with a solid business plan is always the right decision, no matter what industry you want to be in.  After meeting with your client manager to talk about your day care vision, we craft a quality business plan for you that explains your business concept, the day care industry, your target market, and other business aspects.  In today’s lending environment, you won’t get far without that business plan development.

The day care industry is expected to grow 2.7 percent yearly over the next five years.  With our aging population, adult day care centers are expected to have astonishing growth of 7 percent per year over the same time period.  These growth rates indicate that the time to get involved in the industry is now.

We Have Experience in the Day Care Industry

Day care facilities are one of our most common business plans.  We have worked on business plans for day care facilities caring for children, adults, and in the low income bracket, including some 24-hour facilities.  Having our experienced team on your side will make the difference between a generic business plan from a competitor and our plans that really stand out.

Day Care Facilities are Highly Funded

Through our experience, we have seen that day care facilities have one of the highest funding rates.  This is partially due to the reasonable cost to open one, but also because of the very impressive business success rates (each year, nearly 82% of day cares succeed).  We see a large number of day cares that operate for many, many years at a highly profitable rate.

Call us today to discuss your needs for your day care business plan.