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Election Day – A Day to Think About Our Professional Future

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It’s Election Day.  The day America goes to the polls to choose our nation’s President for the next four years and a number of other political representatives and ballot issues.  It’s a nice break from our typical “here and now” society that we live in.  The life where our individual savings continue to plummet due to our “need” for that new TV or steak dinner.  The life where we choose to slack a little at work that day because we’re tired.  Or the one where we fail to act on our business idea because it will require additional work we don’t have time for because our day is filled by reading our Facebook friend’s political opinion.

On Election Day, we actually think about the future.  We go out and vote for who we believe best represents our views and who can lead our country to greater prosperity.  Today is a great day because we take time out of our lives to take our stance on our future, for ourselves, our families, and our nation.

And come tomorrow, many of us will slip back in to thinking about our immediate needs again.  We’ll most likely fail to do something to put ourselves in a better position going forward.  We won’t move to make progress on our startup business idea we’ve had in our heads since Clinton was in office.  Or we won’t go that extra mile to get our struggling business back on its feet and moving forward again.

Why don’t we have the mentality of Election Day every day?  Why does it take a special day to get us to think about our future? 

Regardless of tonight’s winner, life will go on in America.  New businesses will still be starting, entrepreneurs will still be coming up with new ideas, and business owners will still be working to create maximum profitability. 

I encourage you to take the time to vote today.  Tomorrow, make progress on your business idea.  Get feedback from friends and family.  Get a business plan together.  Go invest in your future.  The most successful entrepreneurs and small business owners have the Election Day mentality every day.

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