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Why Empowering Yourself is the Better Option

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How much money are you going to make this year?  If you’re stuck in a typical 9-to-5 (more like 7-to-7) or an average job, you probably have a pretty good idea.  Except that you never know when you’ll get laid off, even if you are a top-notch employee.

Now think about how the entrepreneur answers that question.  While business owners should have projections and budgets, the number can always vary.  And if you’re doing it right, you are re-investing in your business for future successes.

So many people in our country are stuck in dead-end jobs.  There is no career path, no management potential, and no significant raise in sight.  It’s simply go to work every day and get your job done.  The worst of all is that you may have no power, no ability to make decisions, and no access to see what your work actually accomplishes for your company.

So how do you empower yourself?  Well, you can ask your boss for a promotion and raise (good luck with that), or you can begin your quest in business ownership and entrepreneurship.  As an entrepreneur, you make the call, the decision, and you reap the rewards.  Being an entrepreneur myself, I’ve never understood the mindset of sitting in a dead-end job and collecting a paycheck.  I’ve always wanted more for myself and my family.

Is it your time? 

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