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What “The Entrepreneurial Drive” Looks Like

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The best entrepreneurs, the ones that are ultimately very successful at it, have a drive that a lot of people in the normal corporate workforce simply don’t understand. It’s a drive toward a vision, a goal, an objective, a successful venture.  Some people have it naturally.  Others need to learn about that drive and how to incorporate it into their lives.  These skills and outlook at your day are key to developing “The Entrepreneurial Drive” that will ultimately lead to your success as an entrepreneur.

1. No Excuses – Life happens.  Bad things happen to you and/or your family.  Sometimes, these things take time to sort out.  But the ultimate characteristic of a successful entrepreneur is that they don’t let these types of things keep them from their big dreams and goals.  In fact, they even keep these delays to an absolute minimum because that drive constantly pushes them toward their goal, even when they are exhausted and feel there just isn’t enough time in the day.  I can usually tell quickly when working with a client who will be successful and who will not be based on the number of excuses that are made.

2. A “Can Do” Attitude – Some people will always try to get you down.  “You can’t do that,” they will say.  Or “No way that will ever work.”  The fact is, the best entrepreneurs have a “Can Do” attitude that keeps them moving forward regardless of what the nay-sayers have to say about it.

3. Time Management Skills – This may seem like an odd fit in this list, but it’s really not when you think about it.  How often do you go to bed in the evening for another night of too little sleep and you didn’t accomplish the most important tasks on your to-do list?  The reality of the lives we live today is that your to-do list will always have items on it.  It’s how you prioritize these tasks and use your time effectively that sets the best entrepreneurs apart.  Instead of sitting down for a 30 minute TV program at night, spend that time knocking off a 30 minute item on your list.  You’ll thank yourself tomorrow.

4. Always Having a Plan – Whether it’s a formalized business plan or an idea in their head, that vision is constantly driving an entrepreneur.  You should have a plan to accomplish that vision.  If you don’t, it’s simply an idea and is worthless without a plan to get there.

5. Only the Best Social Activities Get Their Time – We all need to have some social interaction in our lives.  But how often have you thought, “I really don’t want to meet X for dinner tonight.  I have too much to do.”  There is really a simple solution to this and it’s obviously not to commit to the dinner in the first place.  There are certain social activities that get you excited, the ones you look forward to.  Keep those on your calendar.  The ones that don’t…use that time to work and get ahead instead.

If you already have these skills, you are ahead of the game. If you don’t, and you really want to be an entrepreneur, you’ll quickly need to learn how to incorporate these skills into your daily routine to give yourself the best chance at success.

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