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Entrepreneurs Know Nothing is Given to You

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Want to make a quick buck?  Want to get paid for not working hard?  Looking for an easy way out?  Do you prefer not to have to think during the day?

Well, don’t plan on starting your own business then.   Small business owners know that it’s hard work to get your business profitable.  We know how much time, effort, sweat, and determination it takes to finally get your sales higher than your expenses.

I sit back and wonder why some us even want to go in to business for ourselves.  Why shouldn’t we just go find some corporate job and sit in the back corner for our careers and milk the company for a steady paycheck?  You know, work 9-5 Monday through Friday, maybe sneak out a little early on Friday afternoons.  Just do as little as possible to get by to keep the boss happy.  I mean, nobody wants to work hard if they don’t have to, right?

Wrong.  Entrepreneurs want to work hard.  We thrive in tough situations.  We want to work as hard as possible to bring home as much as we can for ourselves and our families.  We go our offices, restaurants, homes, wherever we do our work every day with determination to make our businesses work.  The ones without that drive are destined to fail.  For some people, the corporate world is just better.

For the rest of us, it’s time to go to work.  Trust me – I’m an entrepreneur too.

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