Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

We do not have set prices. Instead, every business plan is priced based on your needs, your required timeline, and the type of business you will be starting. Fill out the “contact us” form or call us at (844) 209-5952 and we will discuss your project and what it will cost.

Every project is different, so call us and we can talk about your needs. In many cases, we can complete the plan very quickly if necessary.

Optimus does not provide funding for any small businesses at this time. Instead, we focus our efforts on creating quality business plans that help our clients acquire financing through investment firms and banks or other lending institutions. We do have a number of partner firms and investors we work with on a consistent basis with whom we can put you in contact.

Optimus uses a combination of telephone, email, and online meetings to complete your business plan in an efficient and timely manner. No face-to-face meetings are necessary. This is quite common in the industry.

Absolutely! Every business should have a business plan. It’s a necessity if you plan to get a loan from a bank or other investor (including friends and family), and our clients often find that it helps them make their businesses more efficient and effective with the capital they do have.

The length of your plan will depend upon the complexity of your business. Some documents may only be 15 pages, while others could be as long as 50 pages. At Optimus, we focus on putting together a quality business plan that explains your business in great detail, no matter how many pages that takes.  Our average business plan is about 30 pages.

Yes. A project cannot begin without a 50% payment. This is common within our industry and with all projects that require human investment like a business plan.

Optimus is Latin for “noble.” We use it as our motto and we make sure that we do everything the Optimus way.

Our valuable services

We provide the best solutions to grow your business

Business Plan Development

We immerse ourselves in your business and write your plan from scratch. Optimus never gives clients a cookie-cutter business plan. Our plans highlight your uniqueness, and that’s what will get you the funding you need to thrive. We’ve helped large, small, and medium businesses excel, and our funding rates and success stories prove it.

Funding Search Assistance

We don’t just write your business plan, we can also help you determine the kind of funding that is right for your business. And, then we can get you in front of the right lenders or investors. They want to see your unique strengths and what they can expect in payback. With a tailor-made business plan, you can be confident you’ll get financed.

Let’s Get Started

If you call us at (844) 204-9522, you may notice that your call goes directly to a project manager. We don’t employ salespeople. Your call goes to a project manager every single time. We believe that if we are going to provide our clients with a customized and personal business plan, then we should be there to have a personal conversation every time our clients call – from the moment a client inquires about a service until the business plan is complete.