Food & Beverage Product Business Plans

Do you dream of having your food or beverage product on grocery store shelves or in your favorite restaurant?  What about that secret family recipe that has been passed down for over 100 years?  With grocery buyers continually searching for new and innovative products to bring to their store shelves, now may be the time to take your product to market.

Getting a product to market in this consumer package goods (CPG) industry can be a difficult task.  Without the right plan, it can be nearly an impossible one.  You need your pricing strategy, marketing plans, and distribution strategies in place and clear to move forward.  While the journey can be long, the business plan is always the right place to start.

We Have Written Food Product Business Plans

Our team has experience in this industry having worked with clients in the past that have achieved great success with their food or beverage product.  It is a great joy to help clients bring an old family recipe to market for the enjoyment of others.

It can be a long journey to get a product to market.  We know the ins and outs of the industry and can help you plan for what’s ahead.  You can read about the successes of one of our recent clients here.

Our Funding Rates Give You the Best Opportunity

Our funding rates with our clients lead the industry.  In food and beverage, we have had great success at helping our clients raise money for their product.  In most cases, you’ll need capital to get your product on the shelf.  We can help you get there.