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Maintaining that Work / Life Balance

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This time of year is filled with vacations, family, friends, and food.  Notice that work wasn’t part of it.  At least it’s not for many in the corporate world.

But what about those entrepreneurs out there and the small business owners?  We have a little of those things, but probably not as much as we’d like.  After all, this is the time of year when people open up their wallets.  These next 5 weeks or so make an entire year for many small businesses.  A poor holiday season, and they are out of business.  A good one, and hello beach vacation next summer.

We all know what it’s like to work hard.  The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones working while most other people are at play.  The ones that are in front of their computer screens messing with the final details of their new product while many others sit on their couch, nap off the turkey, and watch a football game they probably don’t even really care who wins. 

Now I must say I am a 100% proponent of holidays, vacations, time off, weekends, and all of those things that help you rejuvenate yourself.  In fact, I think most corporations don’t give people enough time off to really revitalize someone. 

What you don’t want to do is go in to this holiday season saying, “I can relax this time of the year.”  That’s a dangerous excuse.  Most people do relax around Thanksgiving and don’t really focus back on work until the start of the new year.  Whatever you do, don’t do that. 

Make a conscious decision for yourself.  Are you worn out?  Mentally or physically exhausted?  Sleep deprived?  If so, take a couple of days off.  If not, then get back to work.  The best way to get ahead is to work when others are not.

Our office will be closed Thursday and Friday as we take a much-needed break from a very busy and great year so far at Optimus.   We really need it!  We’ll be back relaxed and ready to take your call first thing Monday morning.  We look forward to hearing what you did while others accomplished very little.

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