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Our App Business Plan Experience

Do you have an idea for a new app that can change the way we use our smartphones? 

New apps are hitting the market every day, and it’s one of the most competitive industries out there.

Your app has to succeed quickly in the Apple App Store or on Google Play – if it doesn’t gain traction quickly, it may never become profitable for you. We’ve put together some tips to help.

The smartphone app development industry has grown at an annual rate of 43 percent over the last five years. 

28 percent annual growth is expected over the next five years. 

Nobody knows this better than Optimus Business Plans, since we’ve helped several new app ideas get off the ground.

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It’s Important to Move Quickly

Because of the explosive growth of the app industry, you need to move fast.

If no app matches your idea now, you need to beat potential competitors to market. Somebody else likely has the same idea, but you need to be first.

The buzz about the first app to market can prevent even a better app from getting noticed.

Mobile App Business Plan

Think About Your Revenue Model

There are a number of different ways that an app can generate revenue – advertising, in-app purchases, gamification, etc. 

Think about what strategy you want to take before diving in to the details of a business plan.

Optimus will help you tailor your app business plan to make sure it plans for the right kind of revenue. A business plan template can never do that.


You Will Need Funding for Your App

Developing your idea into a working app can be costly. While large venture capital raises aren’t usually necessary, some seed money in the form of a loan or angel investment is often required to get the product to market. We will help you get your plan in front of the right kind of investors – and they’ll appreciate that you have a plan for your product.

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If you call us at (844) 204-9522, you may notice that your call goes directly to a project manager. We don’t employ salespeople. Your call goes to a project manager every single time. We believe that if we are going to provide our clients with a customized and personal business plan, then we should be there to have a personal conversation every time our clients call – from the moment a client inquires about a service until the business plan is complete.