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Perfecting Social Media Posts

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In recent years, social media has shown its potential to have a huge impact in many arenas, including business. In fact, many companies are now hiring social media managers to monitor accounts, post updates, and interact with consumers through popular channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and more.

When creating posts for your business, each social media platform has unique features with which you should be familiar. However, there are a few go-to rules you can start with across the board, including the utilization of an engaging title, concise wording, correct grammar, and relevant links.

Integrating multimedia can also greatly increase the efficacy of your business’s social media posts, and following a few key tips can help you achieve expert results. For instance, carefully name your files, particularly videos. A video entitled “Glassware Trends Fall 2015” is infinitely more searchable and professional than “Movie1.mp4.” Also, if you intend to use photography or videography on a regular basis, invest in a high-quality camera and tripod to create more visually appealing results.

Once you have mastered the creation of the perfect social media post for your business, it is also crucial to post when your audience is listening, not just when you are open or have a few free minutes. By timing it just right, you can garner significantly more engagement from users. Consider the table below that highlights the best and worst times to post on the most popular social media platforms. Happy posting!

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