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4 Reasons Why Your Business Plan Should Have Only One Writer

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It’s not uncommon for many partners to split up certain parts of the business plan when writing everything out for their loan or investment.  Unfortunately, loan officers and investors can generally catch this very early on and it really takes some credibility away from the business plan.  Here are 4 reasons why you should always stick to a single author for your business plan.

  • Different Writing Styles – Let’s face it.  Everyone has a different writing style.  Even on Optimus’ team, a team of high-end business plan writers, there are still different writing styles.  It’s unavoidable.  Can you image really getting into one of your favorite novels to then have the author, and therefore, writing style change?  Of course not.  And since your business plan is the story of your business, it shouldn’t either.
  • Over-stressing or under-stressing key points – One common mistake I see when several people take part in writing a business plan is over-stressing or under-stressing vey key points.  While business plans can be somewhat repetitive by nature, it’s not necessary to tell the investor the exact same thing multiple times.  Remember…. These are intelligent people who don’t need to hear it again and have their time wasted.
  • Just plain missing key points – To piggyback on the last reason, I’ve also seen scenarios where every writer thought the other person was going to cover that.  And guess what?  No one did. It’s never good to bring up a key point in an in-person meeting when it wasn’t even in your business plan.  
  • Waste of time – Utilizing multiple authors on the same document is just a waste of time.  Either get it done professionally or find your best and most efficient writer/researcher and have him/her do it.  There is absolutely no reason why you should waste the time of multiple members of your team when they should be doing something else to move the business forward.

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