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SBA Deaf Services

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The Small Business Administration has recently launched an initiative that greatly expands access to its services to entrepreneurs who are deaf or hard of hearing. In order to help these individuals launch and grow their businesses, the organization now offers videophone technology and a customer support line that is staffed with employees who are fluent in American Sign Language (ASL).  Such offerings are crucial, as more than 335,000 American business owners are deaf or hard of hearing; furthermore, members of this community are almost twice as likely as the general population to start their own businesses.

As part of our mission to meet the needs of every client at Optimus Business Plans, we also strive to be accessible in every way possible. Not only are we available for in-person consultation throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, but we are also able to answer your questions and complete your project through the use of Skype, phone, or email communication. 

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