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The “If You Build It, He Will Come” Approach

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Owning a business plan development company has some great benefits.  One of my favorite is getting to hear about all of the great business ideas out there and working with aspiring entrepreneurs.  These future business owners have dreams, and it’s great to work together to see these dreams become a reality through the development of a quality business plan and implementation of the idea.

One thing I’ve noticed even more recently is the “If you build it, he will come” attitude.  In reality, most businesses aren’t the Field of Dreams.   There are necessities to attract the right customer base:

1.  There has to a real need in the marketplace.  Why would people come if they don’t need/want your product?  What makes your product better?

2.  Quality marketing.  You may have the best product/service in the world, but if nobody knows about it, they won’t come.

3.  A good value.  The customer has to feel that your product/service is worth it to them.  You don’t have to undercut your competitor’s pricing, but you should always provide a better value.  Yes, convenience can provide increased value.

As much as we’d love to just start our business and then get rich, real entrepreneurs know it doesn’t work that way.  It takes years of hard work to build your customer base and your brand.

Here’s the movie clip:

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