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Tips and Tricks for Non-profit Organizations


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Opening a non-profit organization poses a unique set of challenges that differ significantly from for-profit businesses. Below are a few tips and tricks related to non-profit organizations that can increase your potential to solicit funding.

  • Determine Your Vision – Understanding the purpose for your non-profit is the most important aspect of the business, as it will drive all subsequent actions. A clear vision and mission statement will help keep the organization on track to further the cause.
  • Ask For Help – Many non-profits are willing to provide free or low-cost consulting to similar non-profits. Additionally, local United Way branches may be able to connect you to a peer-consulting service.
  • Use the APOC Method When Soliciting Gifts

o   A – Amenities: Encourage the prospect to talk about personal interests

o   P – Presentation: Summarize your organization’s vision and funding goal in a clear and concise presentation

o   O – Objections: Does your prospect have any questions?

o   C – Closing: Ask for the sale

  • Utilize Social Media – Social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are wonderful avenues to put a face to your organization. Consistency is key with social media, so be sure to post on a regular basis. You can highlight past accomplishments and personal stories, as well as advertise upcoming events.

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