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VOM Construction

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Virgil Martin came to Optimus with a plan to start his own construction firm in the Chicago area. Virgil had years of experience working for others in the industry and was ready to get out on his own. He needed a business plan that explained his experience and expertise, set out a plan to achieve his goals, and most importantly, acquire funding.

Starting a construction company doesn’t require a large amount of initial capital purchases, but the company did need a new truck and some other equipment. Additionally, the company needed working capital for future employee salaries. After all, Virgil saw an opportunity in the market to take advantage of, and the company needed to hire four full-time employees.

We went to work creating just the right plan for Mr. Martin. We put together a business plan that contained all of the needed market and industry research and explained the business in the perfect way for the loan officers. We created a business plan that requested enough financing to cover the company’s expenses so Virgil could focus on growing his business.

Virgil Martin walked away with the loan he needed and VOM Construction was born. The company continues to do quality work in the Chicago, Illinois area. You can visit the website for VOM Construction here.

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