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Why Wait? 4 Reasons Why Procrastination Could Cost You Your Entrepreneurial Dreams

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If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve spent many days and nights thinking about what your future could hold. Many of those thoughts include dreams of where you can be one, two, five, ten years from now.

However, many people don’t take the steps necessary today. Why does this have to be where you’ll be in ten years?  With a little hustle and some drive and determination, can you be there in five years?  What about one year?

Many of us are held back by procrastination and a lack of drive. If you’re trying to start a business, you shouldn’t start next month or next week, or even tomorrow.  You should start today.  You should start right now.

Here are 4 reasons why procrastination is costing you your dreams

  1. Time kills deals – Any person who has spent any time in sales knows this to be 100% true. The longer something goes after being agreed upon before the action takes place, the more likely it is to fall apart and not actually happen. If you enter in to an agreement to pursue a venture, start immediately.
  2. Someone else will beat you to market – If you seriously think that no one else has the ideas that you have and no one else is trying to beat you to market, you might not understand how capitalism works. Someone is out there ready to compete with you. Period.  It should drive you to move quickly on your idea.
  3. The longer you wait, the more Corporate America you have to put up with – And the more Corporate America you put up with, the less likely you are to finally take that leap in to entrepreneurship.
  4. You’ll lose motivation over time – Even the most motivated people out there will lose motivation over time if they are not actively pursuing their passion.

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