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What a Business Plan “SAYS” About You

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Right, wrong, or indifferent, first impressions happen. They happen in everyday life in almost every situation. How a restaurant smells when you first walk in has an impact on whether or not you will eat there. The outside cover of a book can entice you to open and explore it further. When buying a new (or even used) car the outside appearance can affect your overall opinion of its value.

This same theory applies to the business plan you will ultimately use to represent yourself and your business. In many cases, it will be the first thing someone sees and reads about the business. As an entrepreneur, you want to portray a strong and confident understanding of your business and this document should convey those same qualities. It should be professionally prepared, researched, and reviewed. Don’t let the internal feelings about your business override the need to have a complete, well prepared business plan to present to future investors. They will quickly form a first impression of you and the business by what is represented in the business plan. Use this to your advantage and make a good first impression!

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