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What’s in a Name?

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In an ideal world, we all wouldn’t judge books by their covers. We would take the time to analyze situations and base our judgments on the true qualities of individuals and ideas.  However, the fact remains that we do not live in such a place, especially not in the world of commerce.  For this reason, the name of your company can make or break you.

Before you fall in love with any name, be sure you visit the website of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to search for anyone else out there that already has the name. Always keep your typical customer in mind when coming up with possibilities.  While the thought of using your own name in the business name may be tempting, it will probably not bring any special meaning or particular draw for customers.  Don’t use anything that is too long or complicated to remember accurately.  Eliminate names that are easily misspelled or too generic, such as “Electronics Plus.” If you are having difficulties coming up with new ideas, try the following strategies:

1.  Look up synonyms and antonyms on Thesaurus.com.
2.  Research Latin and Greek roots on Dictionary.com.
3.  Find rhyming words or alliteration examples on Rhymer.com.

However you arrive at a name, be sure that it does justice to your new business. You have gotten this far; don’t undermine all of the hard work you have put in by settling now.


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